Saturday, March 3, 2018

Dear Friends,
Here we are, already in March 2018, and our 50th Anniversary Celebration is really taking off.  Our 50th Anniversary Committee has been very busy planning events that will take us through this whole year.  Our Deacon, Hank Bristol, and his wife, Susan Bristol, created a new logo for us to use all year.  There are car magnets available as well as t-shirts for sale, all with our 50th  Anniversary logo.   Thanks to Deanna Emerson, our chairperson, and Kathy Herzog, Carol Rodgers and Jean Hegedus for designing and procuring these items for us.  Pat Kraft has been working diligently, along with Sandy Szymanski and Margaret Perritt, on our history with Deacon Hank creating a timeline along the library wall.  Please feel free to add your families’ special dates associated with St. David’s to it when you are here.  There will also be photo collages from each 10-year increment.  Jean Hegedus has helped our church school children to get involved.  We are off to a great start with many more surprises in store. Check out the bulletin board in the Narthex created by Carol Rodgers.
On March 4, we will celebrate St. David’s Day at 3 pm with a Choral Evensong Service followed by a “Welsh Tea” complete with Welsh cakes handmade by the Holman family.  We have commissioned an icon of St. David which was created by Suzanne Shenck of our diocese.  The icon will be unveiled and blessed at the service.  Thanks to Dr. Katona and our choir for the beautiful music that is planned.
In the midst of all this, we are in the season of Lent.  In February, our committee sponsored a talk by Jerry Posner, entitled “18 for 2018: Ways to make this a Great Year”.  Jerry always gives out “business cards” with motivational sayings and reminders. You will find his cards on another page of this Tablet. One which I have adopted for this Season of Lent has three fill-in-the-blank sentences: 
                                    “I am grateful for______________. “                                                                         “I am inspired by ______________.”                                                                                               “Today’s mission is ____________.”
Praying on and considering each of these three statements each morning has been eye-opening, and each day my answers are different.    As we take on intentional practices during this season, we are made more aware of God’s great goodness and also our own shortcomings.  What is your mission today?  Can you show the love of God to a stranger, treat someone you know with kindness, remember to pray, show gratitude to God, be generous to those with whom you come in              contact?  Maybe your mission is to talk about your faith with a friend, letting them know that, as a follower of Jesus, you are energized and inspired to make our world a better place.  I would love to hear what comes up for you!
Lenten blessings, Karin+